Learning Management System (LMS)

Fast, affordable and efficient e-learning and online courses with Cimple Learning (LMS)

Cimple Learning e-learning platform

Cimple Learning is cloud-based and allows your organisation to produce content, distribute e-learning courses and follow up participants – all in the same system.

Online courses can be completed via PC, tablet and mobile. You can even have your own branded app an AppStore.

Cimple Learning (LMS) is a complete solution with both authoring tools and administration tools in the same system, and you can easily develop everything from micro-courses to large training programs. You can also import courses from most other authoring tools and Learning Management Systems.


Scalable online courses for your business

Cimple Learning is based on one of the world’s largest and most widely used e-learning platforms, with over 20,000 businesses, universities and organisations as customers, thousands of e-learning courses and millions of users.

A partner network with hundreds of development environments and a proprietary “AppStore” drives innovation and development at a pace that local development environments could never match.

Rapid development means that our customers can quickly, inexpensively and efficiently scale their learning platforms up or down with new features without financing all innovation and development themselves.

Our customers typically start small and build their “e-learning school” in step with increased use and needs. Cimple has extensive experience with the implementation of learning platforms in all types of companies, both in the public and private sector, for small and large organisations and for commercial course providers.

Cimple can also deliver and further develop other e-learning platforms and systems if you already have a system implemented in your organisation.

  • On all digital surfaces

  • Authoring tools

  • Reporting

  • Tests and exams

  • Micro-courses, online courses, training programs

  • AppStore with fully developed features

  • Customised with your company’s graphic profile

Do as hundreds of other companies – try out Cimple Learning!

Cimple Content

A learning portal without content is like a car without an engine, which is why we help many of our customers develop internal e-learning courses.

In addition, our customers can combine internal courses with our existing professionally developed course library.


Why choose Cimple?

  • Experienced and committed staff

  • Modern e-learning with “wow” factor

  • Experience-based educational methods

  • Micro-learning principles in practice

  • On all digital surfaces in a user-friendly and modern e-learning platform (LMS)

  • We have our own professional and mobile film studio and production facilities

  • Content production in Articulate, Storyline, Captivate and similar authoring tools

  • Fast and affordable

  • Excellent references

  • No surprises